Vacant was formed in 2012 by two former members of rock band No Off Switch.
Guitarist Rick and Drummer Brian.
We had the idea to make a crazy punk band, playing early classic punk through to more modern era stuff.
We needed other folk so we contacted John who after not much thought at all joined us on bass.
The back line was complete, we just needed a singer we auditioned a few but nobody stood out, then one day Rick was talking to a friend who mentioned
another friend, Dene and so Vacant was born.
Right from the beginning we knew that we had hit on a winning formula and worked hard to get it as tight as we possibly could.
We have had many many busy years.

In July 2013 John said it was possible he would have to leave, so we sought out another bass player, the spot was filled by Hannah,
even though she learned the whole set she only got the chance to play 3 tracks live with us as John decided not to leave.
We decided that Hannah who is a fine guitarist should move from bass to rhythm.
Classic Vacant was now formed.

At the end of 2015 Dene sadly had to leave the band and at the same time Hannah decided it would also be a good time for her to carry on with other projects.
So the search started for replacement members.
First we recruited Dean to share lead and rhythm guitar duties with Rick and then after a few more auditions we found Poach.
His vocal range allowed us to take an even more diverse path.
So here we are today, just as crazy as ever, just as loud and now with a full on awesome set.
We still follows the same ethos, NO FUCKING BALLADS!
So come along and have a great time.